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Inspired Influence


This is a deeply impactful, full video workshop where you'll learn about Influence, in ways you never even considered possible.

  • Great leaders and influencers are very conscious in in the way they share their thoughts with others, and it’s their communication of how to think about problems and opportunities that make us follow, believe in, and admire them.
  • Our nature is to respond to challenge, so the moment someone challenges us - they influence us. Nothing demands our attention and inspires better than a challenge that demands us to stretch our identity to meet those demands.
  • We don’t accept the message if we don’t believe the messenger. Who you are, how you show up in your life, the actions you take, and the values and principles you embody are closely watched by the world.

If any one of these components make sense to you, this is the course for you! 

What you will get from the inspired influence course:

Understanding what influencing “really” is… it’s something that we all know and feel but so elusive to create - unless you know a few influencing secrets.

You will learn, why so many well educated, well intentioned, intelligent people fail at being good influencers and fail to get the sale, job, relationship, family they want.

Whilst some seemingly lesser people are able to command the attention of vast groups of people and even nations?

In this course you will learn what poor influencers don’t understand and what great influencers get naturally, as well as how you can learn and embody these behaviors for yourself.

  • What are the most important COMPONENTS that you need to be aware of to be a great influencer
  • How to inspire by drawing deep intrinsic motivation 
  • How to become more present in the lives of your followers
  • The role of generosity and how that is a game changer
  • How to give value that is truly valuable
  • Challenge them to develop their character, connections, and contributions
  • Never step into the trap of lack of consistency, the assumption that destroys your authority

Learn how to create your influence strategy so that you are almost guaranteed to succeed by mastering the context of influence.


  • Teach people how to THINK about themselves, others, and the world
  • ROLE MODEL THE WAY - model the values you wish to see them embody.
  • CHALLENGE People to Grow and Contribute beyond themselves

This online course will transform your ability to influence people around you, including yourself. Dive into it today.