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Seven Existential Needs - A Holistic Journey

Seven Existential Needs:

  1. You need Air. Without air, you would die (physically), relatively quickly.
  2. You need Water. Without water you may survive for about a week.
  3. You need Sleep. You need sleep, to connect with the spirit, to dream and to recharge. Without sleep, in about 11 days or so, you’d lose your mind.
  4. You need Food. In about 2 weeks or so, without food, you’d also seize to exist.
  5. You need Shelter. This is referring to whatever helpful, supporting environment in which you thrive. From a physical house, to an open sky and earth below your feet. Whatever fulfills the idea of a shelter for you.
  6. You need Connection / Relationship. Any relationship (with anything and anyone), that fulfills your need to feel a part of something bigger than just you, a sense of connection and belonging. Without it, you’d feel cut-off and lonely, which would result in some sort of a spiritual atrophy.
  7. You need Creative Expression. Some ways to express your true self in the world. Your gifts, your uniqueness. You need to express yourself and share yourself with the world.

Meeting these needs, a human being can thrive easily, naturally and effortlessly. This guided session honors each one of those needs, bringing internal alignment within yourself and with all there is.

During the session, we are also breathing in a very specific pattern, that will amplify your experience and bring about phenomenal benefits to your mind and body. Do your best to match my breathing exactly, as it is timed to a very, very specific ratio.

Put your headphones on… and enjoy this holistic journey.

My heart sends you pure love.

Robert Simic